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Nowadays, we don’t see as much street. With our app, you can quickly find restaurants serving delicious food nearby wherever you are. Regardless in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Miami, you will be able to find a great restaurant near you.

It’s a web-based application that is perfectly optimized for your smartphone. You can find the best restaurants near your current location whether you are using it to find food from home or on the run and quickly need something to eat. Try typing “restaurants near me” in the search bar and you will instantly be recommended the best restaurants that are located near you.

We have featured and listed the most popular restaurants across all states with fine restaurants, sushi, pizzeriasfast food and much more.

Common questions

How do I find restaurants near me with your service?

  1. Go to our restaurant search page
  2. Search for the type of restaurant or food you wish to find
  3. Our app will automatically serve you the best matching results to your search query

Note: The restaurants that are closest to your current location will be listed first. You also have the option to pick a category from the dropdown, that way you can get a few suggestions in case you are unsure.

Where to go If I am craving fast food like McDonald’s or Wendy’s?

The majority of the popular fast food restaurants across the United States are listed in our database.

So if you are new in town and want to quickly get waypoints to the nearest McDonald’s or Wendy’s, dive right in. You just need to type in the name of the restaurant and the one closest to your location will be listed first.

Do you feature vegan restaurants?

Absolutely, think of our service this way… if you can eat it – we have it listed. We have hundreds of vegan and vegetarian restaurants within in our listings.

Any food nearby me for take-out?

One might think that takeaway food is a new phenomenon derived from Hollywood movies. In reality however, street vendors have been selling takeaway food since medieval times. Everything from roasted meats to pies was populating the streets all across the world.

Takeaway food New York

Nowadays, we don’t see as much street food as we used to do a few hundred years ago, but take-out food still preserves it’s popularity. While the more luxurious restaurants tend to stay away from serving food to go, there are a lot of smaller restaurants and fast food chains which have take-out as part of their core business model.

For instance, most Chinese restaurants and pizzerias offer takeaway. Not to mention McDonald’s, Burger King etc.

Chinese takeaway food

The good news is, we have them all listed. When you see the takeaway icon in the listing, it’s good to go.

What about healthy food?

We have plenty of healthy restaurant options. Just go to our food locator app.

As we are becoming more and more comfortable people, we need to at least be mindful of what we eat. Our activity levels have decreased drastically over the years and the typical American diet isn’t being too helpful.

Here are just a few benefits of taking responsibility for our own health and getting some healthy food in our systems:

  • More consistent energy levels
  • Better overall life quality
  • Less diseases and less money spent on healthcare

Who delivers food near me right now?

The quick answer is, just search for delivery in our app and you will be presented all delivery restaurants near you based on your geo-location.

In general however, your safest bets are pizzerias, sushi places, Mexican and asian restaurants. In other words, most fast food restaurants.

If it’s not a genuine Italian pizzeria or a more luxurious restaurant that serves pizza, they will probably do delivery as long as you are within considerable range.

What kind of restaurants are open at this time?

Every restaurant listed in our app has the opening hours visible as well, so you can directly see whether the restaurant is open at the given moment. Many of the fast food joints are open non-stop, look for the 24-hours icon in our listings.

Food for families

Got a hungry family and don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, we got you.

Here are some of the most popular restaurants we recommend for families available near you:


What’s more appreciated by kids than Friendly’s® Chicken Pops?

Or why not grab get the super delicious Cheesywich for your kids? A cheese-filled toast that will make you want to visit Friendly’s over and over again.

kids cheesywich

Visit website or find Friendly’s near you

Claim Jumper

Voted among the 10 best family restaurants in the United States by Parents Magazine, Claim Jumper’s award-winning kids menu is a safe bet any time you want to take your family out for a treat.

Claim Jumper kids menu

Their Mac ‘n’ cheese and the baby back pork ribs will put a smile on any kid’s face. Not to mention their build your own pizza kit.

Visit website or find Claim Jumper near you


Once you order the NEW! Rudolph™ Pancakes for your kids, they will beg you to take them back to Denny’s every weekend.

Denny's Rudolph Pancakes

On top of that, they will love the dino-shaped chicken nuggets.

Denny's dino shaped nuggets

Denny’s have put an extra emphasis on their kids menu which makes them stand out as the natural number one family restaurant for us.

Visit website or find Denny’s near you


The classic Happy Meal is an experience on it’s own. If you want some harmony in your life, watch your kid dive right into the famous ball pits of McDonald’s and watch the joy in their eyes. Then comes the Happy Meal surprise that every kid just loves!

McDonald's Happy Meal

Fun fact: The healthy Cuties make a comeback to Happy Meal in January 2017.

Visit website or find McDonald’s near you

Red Robin

Red Robin has that funny mascot that makes appearances every now and then. They also have a children’s birthday club where you can take your whole family and the friends of your kids.

Visit website or find Red Robin near you

Old SpagHetti Factory

Deliciousness, rewards and spaghetti. Which kid wouldn’t love that? Check out their kid’s menu here.

OSF Kids menu

The Old Spaghetti Factory also offer the Kid’s birthday club.

Visit website or find Old Spaghetti Factory near you

What cuisines can I expect to find nearby?

Depending on your current location, in the bigger cities across US we usually cover cuisines from all over the world. You can find:

And many more varieties.

When it comes to the different types of food, we have it all. Click your favorite food and you will be presented the closest restaurant that offer your food of choice.

Which locations do you have covered?

We have dining places featured from all the major cities across the United States. Here are a few of the cities which have open restaurants in right now

And many more cities. If we have forgotten to list your city, please contact us.