Whether you and your spouse have been going through a rough patch or you just want to surprise them with a night made special just for them, not much can beat a romantic evening spent together. Unless you actually want to, you don’t even have to leave the house to properly wine and dine your spouse. The most important thing to keep in mind is making your partner happy. If you want to give your spouse the kind of romantic, stress-free evening they deserve, keep in mind what they would want, not what you want. What do they enjoy? What will help them relax? The night is about them!

Wine & Dine Them At Home

Before you do anything else to plan for your special night, you first want to think about the food you want to serve. You’ll have to plan ahead, so you have enough time for grocery shopping and food preparation. Try to think above and beyond your usual dinner fare. If your spouse were to treat themselves at a restaurant, regardless of cost, what would they order? Don’t spend more than you can afford, but try to indulge a little. Would they like a big, juicy steak? How about an elegant salmon filet? Plus, don’t forget about dessert!

Before you let your mind go too crazy, be sure to keep in mind that you’re the one preparing the meal. If you have no experience cooking steak, do you really want to try it for the first time on what’s supposed to be a stress-free evening? If you’re determined to try something new, try to find time before your romantic evening for a little practice. Otherwise, stick to what you feel comfortable with.

Set the Mood

On the day of your romantic evening, try to set the mood in advance. If your loved one is at work, send them a few sweet, romantic, or even naughty messages to give them an idea of what to expect when they arrive home. If you already plan on spending the day together, clue them in throughout the day as to what they can expect later on. It would probably be a good idea to make sure they don’t already have other plans set. A last minute cancellation would essentially ruin everything!

Onto Dessert

If you’re not too comfortable making dessert yourself, it’s perfectly acceptable to buy a little something special. You don’t have to order a customized cake with elegant designs to impress them. Besides, if your evening was planned correctly, you’ve likely already impressed them like never before! When it comes to dessert, keep in mind the two “S’s”: simple and sexy.

One of the easiest treats to make at home is chocolate-dipped fruit. Melt milk or dark chocolate and dip whatever fruit your spouse enjoys it, and then let the coated fruit harden and chill in the fridge. Other sexy, simple, and delicious dessert options include cheesecake and chocolate cake. If your partner enjoys it, go with it!

End the Night

It’s also essential to avoid thinking of the end of dinner as the end of the night. You can quickly leave the dishes for the next day and cuddle up on the couch with glasses of wine. Or if you’re feeling a little playful, go ahead and do the dishes and have a soap fight that will undoubtedly end in exactly the sort of affection you’ve both needed.

Wine & Dine Your Spouse Out On the Town

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of couple who uses your oven as storage, you may be better off heading out for a romantic evening on time. You can still wine and dine your spouse properly, even if you’re not the one cooking the meal.

Is there a restaurant your spouse has mentioned, but you’ve yet to try? Is there a restaurant that has sentimental meaning in your relationship? Or maybe you want to try something entirely? One of the most romantic restaurants you can visit is The Melting Pot. There are likely significant local options as well, that can serve you a meal you won’t soon forget.

Just Go For It

As best you can, avoid thinking about cost and focus only on your spouse. Put your phone or tablet away and make the night all about them. Remember, this is one night you’ve dedicated entirely to showing your partner just how much they mean to you. If they have a smile on their face, you’re doing a great job. Now start planning!

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